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Links to Lean initiatives in Government:  Government organizations sharing information, tools, success stories and case studies.


Transport Canada – Transportation of Dangerous Goods Newsletter (2014)

British-Columbia  Lean BC

New Brunswick  Performance Excellence Process

City of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Improvement and Innovation (I&I)


Managing business operations – what government needs to get right (2015) (pdf)

Department of Transport Continuous Improvement Strategy (2013)

Transforming government services to make them more efficient and effective for users, Cabinet Office (2013)

Cabinet Office continuous improvement strategy (2012)

Civil Service Reform (2012)

Department of Community and Local Government continuous improvement strategy (2012)

National Audit Office: Maturity of process management in Central Government (2010) (pdf)


United States Environmental Protection Agency – Lean Government

Continuous Process Improvement & Lean Six Sigma Guidebook, Department of Defense (pdf)

Lean Six Sigma in DOD, Department of Defense (pdf)


Colorado Department of Transportation Process Improvement

Colorado State Lean Program

Connecticut Lean CT, Office of Policy and Management

Iowa Department of Management – Office of Lean Enterprise

New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services – Lean Continuous Improvement

Michigan Lean Consortium

Minnesota State Enterprise Lean

Rhode Island Office of Management and Budget

Washington: Results Washington

Municipal – County

Brown County, WI – Lean management

Cowlitz County, WA

Dallas, TX – Center for Performance Excellence

Denver Peak Academy

Irving, TX – Performance Office

Jacksonville, FL – LeanJax

King County, WA – Lean

Louiseville, KY – Office of Performance Improvement (OPI)

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) – Insight Blog has several posts on Lean

Roanoke, VA – LEAN Roanoke

Spokane County, WA – O’Quinn touts lean management savings at State of Spokane County address (2016)

Tyler, TX – Performance Excellence Program