What is Lean?

Lean is the state of an organisation that always strives to deliver only value to clients.

The means to achieve a Lean state is to continuously optimize the flow of value clients by developing people to collaboratively solve flow problems every day.  Lean is science!  In a Lean organisation, everyone is a scientist of work: every sees work, measure work and improve work collaboratively.

Lean core values : Continuous improvement and respect for people are practiced by everyone in the organization, at every level.

Lean Principles (or scientific components):

  1. Identify what has value from the client’s perspective
  2. Visualise how value flows to your client
  3. Optimise the flow of value (stop starting, start finishing, pull on work)
  4. Seek perfection

Understand the fundamentals of Lean. New book: Lean. Manage work as a flow system by France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet.