What is Lean?

Lean is the state of an organisation that always strives to deliver only value to clients.

The means to achieve a Lean state is to continuously optimize the flow of value clients by developing people to collaboratively solve flow problems every day.

Lean is science!  In a Lean organisation, everyone is a scientist of work: every sees work, measure work and improve work collaboratively.

Lean core values : Continuous improvement and respect for people are practiced by everyone in the organization, at every level.

Lean Principles (or scientific components):

      • Identify what has value from the client’s perspective
      • Visualise how value flows to your client
      • Optimise the flow of value (stop starting, start finishing, pull on work)
    • Seek perfection

Understand the fundamentals of Lean.

Lean training: Learn about Lean for Government. Obtain a Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector or an Advanced Certificate in Lean for the Public Sector. Be a Lean leader in your public sector organization. For information : https://alpenpathsolutions.com/training/

New book: Lean. Manage work as a flow system by France Bergeron and Joanne Gaudet.