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For information:


Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work science, by Joanne and France Bergeron, Alpen Path Solutions (2016)


City of Melbourne gets lean and keen by Kate Jackson in Government news (2014)

City of Melbourne: pushing the boundaries of lean management applied in local government, by Denise Bennett, Planet Lean (2014)


Implementing Lean Health Reforms in Saskatchewan by Gregory Marchildon, University of Regina (2013) (pdf)

Lean and patients first are making a difference in Saskatchewan, by 3sHealth (2016)

Leading Lean: A Canadian Healthcare Leader’s Guide, by Ben Fine et al. (2009)

Lean Health: Trimming Ontario’s Waste, by Suzanne Dugard, Canadian Government Executive (2012)

Putting patients first: Adopting a Lean culture in Saskatchewan by Trish Livingstone, published in Canadian Government Executive (2012)


‘It Was The Night Of The Long Knives’ When public management collides with group identities by Helene Ratner (2010)

Lean management in hospitals: Evidence from Denmark, by Jacob Dammand et al. (2014)


Finnish Immigration Service develops asylum procedure by the Finnish Immigration Services (2012)


Le Lean, c’est bon pour le service public par Frédéric Parisot, publié dans L’usine Nouvelle (2012)


Sustainable Public Procurement in Practice: Case Study Evidence in Ireland, by A Flynn, P Davis, D McKevitt, E McEvoy (2013) (pdf)


A ministry in the Netherlands has been using Hoshin Kanri for two years to improve vertical and horizontal collaboration and focus on the right goals – case study by Diana Uphof (2015)

Experiences of leaders in the implementation of Lean in a teaching hospital – barriers and facilitators in clinical practices: a qualitative study by Kjeld Harald Aij, Frederique Elisabeth Simons, Guy A M Widdershoven and Merel Visse (2013)

Lean Government: Critical Success Factors for XBRL-based Business-to-government Reporting, by Nitesh Bharosa et al. in the European Journal of ePractice (2012)


Evaluation of the Lean Approach to Business Management and its use in the Public Sector, by Zoe Radnor et al.  Scottish Executive Social Research (2006) (pdf)

Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies in NHS Scotland: an empirical study and directions for future research by Jiju Antony and Maneesh Kumar (2012) (pdf)

South Africa

Service delivery improvement in South Africa, by Planet Lean (2014)


Implementing Lean in Swedish Municipalities and Hospitals by Mikael Brännmark, Agneta Halvarsson and Pernilla Lindskog (pdf)

Lean in the Public Sector: Possibilities and Limitations by Erik Drotz, Linköping University, Department of Management and Engineering, Quality Technology and Management (2014)

United Kingdom

Applying Lean production to the public sector, byNina Bhatia and John Drew (2006)

A Sustainable Business Model for Public Service Organizations? by Stephen P. Osbornea, Zoe Radnor, Isabel Vidal & Tony Kinder (2014)

Auditing the UK government’s performance and its adoption of lean management: the National Audit Office’s assessment framework by Alec Steel, Planet Lean (2014)

Evaluation of Pacesetter Lean, Senior Leadership and Operational Management within HM Revenue and Customs, by Zoe Radnor and Giovanni Bucci (2007) (pdf)

Government by Design:New ways of working in the public sector by Robert Samek, presentation at the APEX Symposium (2013)

How mean is Lean really? by Zoe Radnor (2011)

Lean and fit: improving front line services in the age of austerity, by Deloitte, about Lean in the UK public sector (2010) (pdf)

Lean in Highways – Experience from West Midlands Councils by Steve Godwin, for the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Program

Lean in UK Government: internal efficiency or customer service? by Zoe Radnor & Robert Johnston (2013)

Lean on me by Zoe Radnor and Paul Walley, published in Public Finance (2006)

Lean thinking for peak public sector performance by Eilish Henry, published in Government and Public Sector Journal  (2010)

Lean to create deployment plan for accelerating Construction 2025 strategy, by Antony Oliver, in Intelligence Infrastructure (2014)

Literature Review of Business Process Improvement Methodologies: Executive Summaryby Zoe Radnor & Giovanni Bucci (2008)

NEW Managing business operations – what government needs to get right, UK National Audit Office (Sept 2015)

PaceSetter: HMRC’s programme to improve business operations, Report by the Comptroller and the Auditor General (2011)

Team working under Lean in UK public services: lean teams and team targets in Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) by Stephen Procter & Zoe Radnor (2014)

The impact of lean on the UK civil service and the trade union response by William Douglas Mitchell Martin, PhD Thesis, University of Strathclyde (2015)


Accelerating Government Procurement – Management Summary of the findings of a “lean‟ study to investigate waste and inefficiencies in government’s procurement process, published by the UK Cabinet Office.

Lean Sourcing: guidance for public sector buyers, A ‘standard solution’ to help introduce lean sourcing and manage the process, with templates and briefing packs.  Published by the UK government (2012)

The Lean Sourcing Process, Pippa Bass, Deputy Director, Procurement Capability and Process Improvement, Government Procurement, Cabinet Office (2011)


How to sustain Lean initiatives in the public sector by Zoe Radnor on YouTube (2011)

Lean Performance Management in the Public Sector an Oracle White Paper (2009) (pdf)

Lean Processes without Compromising Controls, by Robyn L. Raschke, Michael T. Lee and Arti Mann, published in Boise State University ScholarWorks (2013)

Transforming government performance through lean management by the McKinsey Center for Government (2012)


Lean management: Is it working? Free access lean articles online, by publisher Routledge.


Excellent reading list from the Karen Martin Group

A factory of one – Applying Lean principles to bahish waste and improve your personal performance, by Daniel Markovitz (2012)

Extreme Government Makeover, by Ken Miller (2011)

The Fit Organization, by Daniel Markovitz (2015)

Gemba Kaizen, by Masaaki Imai (2012)

Getting the right things done, by Pascal Dennis (2009)

Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, by George Koenigsaecker (2012)

Lean for the Public Sector: The Pursuit of Perfection in Government Services,by Bert Teeuwen (2010)

Lean Management (en français), Christian Hohmann (2014)

Lean Office and Service Simplified, by Drew Locher (2011)

Lean Thinking, by James Womack and Daniel Jones (2003)

Learning to See, Mike Rother and John Shooke (1999)

Managing to Learn: Using the A3 Management Process, John Shooke (2010)

Personal Kanban, Jim Benson (2011)

Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management, by Taiichi Ohno (100th birthday edition) (2012)

The outstanding organization: generate business results by eliminating chaos and building the foundation for everyday excellence, Karen Martin (2012)

The Toyota Mindset: The Ten Commandments of Taiichi Ohno, Yoshihito Wakamatsu (2009)

The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacture, Jeffrey Liker (2003)

This is Lean: resolving the efficiency paradox, Niklas Modig (2012)

Aussi disponible en français: Le Modèle Toyota: 14 principes qui feront de votre entreprise une réussite, par Jeffrey Liker (2003)

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, Jeffrey Liker (2011)

The Whitehall Effect, John Seddon (2014)

Value Stream Management for the Lean office, Don Tapping and Tom Shuker (2004)

Value Stream Mapping: how to visualize work flow and align people for organizational transformation, Karen Martin and Mike Osterling (2013)

We don’t make widgets, Ken Miller (2006)